Making Your Own Customizable Planner Inserts: Where to Begin

When it comes to choosing planner inserts, you always imagine that you will find the perfect inserts that will magically turn you from a chaotic mess to a serene and organized inspiration. However, you quickly wake up from that dream to realize that the boxes that you thought would be big enough are now too small and the direction of the calendar makes you feel like you’re trying to find Where’s Waldo with the date. So what’s a planner lover to do?? We decided to make our own!

And guess what?! It’s not hard!

Here’s how we did it…

Decide what purpose(s) your inserts will serve.

  • Will they be used to track homework assignments?
  • Remind you of dates and appointments?
  • Plan out projects?
  • Journaling?
  • Keeping notes?

Decide what format you prefer

  • How do you want to view the month?
  • How do you want to view the days?
  • Do you want pages to fold out?
  • Do you prefer to have grid boxes? What size?
  • What size paper and hole-alignment do you need?

Look for inspiration around the web

  • Do you see anything similar to what you’d like to make on Instagram/Youtube/Pinterest/etc.?
  • Which parts do you like the best?

Once you have done all this research, brainstorming, and dreaming, it’s time to start putting the pieces together. Get as clear as you can about what you want the inserts to look like. The more detailed you can be, the easier it will be to plan for how to visualize and create them on the computer screen.

Stay tuned next week for when we show you how to take all your ideas and start crafting the inserts on Numbers (for Apple) or Excel (for Microsoft).

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