Is “Planner Peace” Really Attainable?

When I was first getting into planners, I would watch as many Youtube videos as I could about planners and how people use them. I would look at well-known planner-ites and think to myself “Wow, my planner doesn’t look like that? Should I be using my planner in the same way as he/she is? Maybe I need to add a _______ section to my planner too?”

And then I heard these words…Planner Peace…

planner peace (n.): the state of finding contentment with the look and functionality of your planner

But is there really such a thing? And should we strive to find it? I think many people would agree that they like their planners to reflect a bit of their own personality. If our only purpose in using our planner is to find this so-called “peace,” then is that assuming that our own thinking and organization strategies can’t change?

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