The Unexpected Benefits of a Simple Life

When we switched to embracing simplicity in our lives, we knew what others told us — we’d be happier, have more money, increase our free time, etc. But there are some unexpected benefits to this way of life that no one ever mentioned. These are some of those extras:

You discover interests that you never even knew you had.

We assumed that our interests would remain the same after we transitioned to a simpler way of living. While we both enjoyed working out in a gym before, now we realize we enjoy getting our exercise outdoors. We enjoyed cooking before, but now we have more time to devote to growing our own food and can experiment with different varieties and growing techniques.

You can see through the advertisements and marketing.

We are marketed to constantly. After embracing this lifestyle, you are more easily able to see through the advertisements and marketing for what they are. You start to question what is truly necessary to make you happy. You realize that buying expensive “must-have” items or that shiny, new car are not going to bring you the same level of happiness that spending time with your family and friends will.

You eat better.

When you are not constantly rushing around to get things done, you can take time to plan out meals and spend time cooking something nutritious to eat. You also develop an awareness of how certain foods make you feel, and you use this knowledge to make better decisions about what you put into your body.

You become more confident.

Simplifying forces you to stop hiding behind your things. As a result, you are forced to deal with the underlying emotions behind why you hold onto certain items or why you participate in retail therapy. The process of limiting your consumption really is an emotional journey. However, you really begin to understand who you are and release some of that emotional baggage you have been hanging onto.

You develop your own style.

By whittling down your wardrobe, you really get an idea of what you do and don’t like. Your wardrobe really becomes an extension of who you are. It becomes a lot easier to say “no” to items that you know you will never wear because they don’t fit into your style.

Yet, these are only a few of the many smaller benefits that we have noticed unexpectedly have shown up in our lives. You are likely to see these changes as well as others as you embark on your own journey. One of my favorite things about simplifying is that you’re never really done; there’s always another step to take.

So, what do you think? What else have we missed? What unexpected benefits have you encountered on your way to a simpler life?

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